Discover Sea Lion Caves celebrating 80 years
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Sea Lion Caves Testimonials

Sea Lion Caves Testimonials

Please tell the boss that the new webcam is spectacular!

Dave B. NEW

Now we really want to plan a new trip back to the Oregon Coast! DB, Lakewood, Colorago

Email from Dave on January 28, 2014


The Cave as advertised is Huge! Amy B on Yelp.

It's October. The Sea Lions are out feeding and not in the cave mating. Don't let that discourage you at all. The cave as advertised is huge. It's also pretty and the staff there are real marine biologists who will talk your ear off about seals if you want to. There's great information about the historical tourism in the cave. A really good experience and there were plenty of Sea Lions outside coming up for air and dipping back down for more food. Then there's the view of course. The view is fantastic.

October 2013


Yelp Review from Cornelia B.

This is a great place to visit. Took my 10 year old. It is a land mark you just have to see. When we arrived, they told us that the sea lions were out to sea so we could not see them so we got a reduced price. They were super nice about it. The ride down in the elevator is a fun experience for kids. The view inside the cave of the area where the sea lions normally are is amazing. It's waves splashing against the large rocks that are on the bottom of this large canyon! The walls of the cave are awesome. 5 Starts on Yelp!


Email From Jennifer H.

My parents were visiting the coast yesterday with their truck and trailer and it broke down in a dangerous spot in the road and in the rain. They had no phone service with which to call for help, so my Dad went out alone walking to the nearest place. A nice couple pulled over and gave him a lift to the Sea Lion Caves, which were a couple of miles away.

The employees were very concerned about my Mom waiting alone in the truck in the cold and rain, so a woman employee drove my Dad back to the truck to pick her up and take them both back to the Sea Lion Caves to wait for help.

All the staff were so nice to them both; letting them use the phone, giving them free candy, checking up on them to see how they were doing, and offering them cocoa and popcorn. They were both so impressed and so thankful for the 'above and beyond' hospitality of all the staff there, that they both said that they restored their faith in humanity.

I just wanted to say thank you all so much for being so wonderful to my parents during their ordeal, and they thank you all to. The kindness, concern, and attentiveness of all the staff there made my parents feel comforted and safe.


“Absolutely gorgeous” Sydney W.

Reviewed October 16, 2013 NEW

The sea cave is unmatched by other coastal attractions. Not only do you see the sea lions in the cave, but have beautiful views of Heceta Head Lighthouse. The owners and staff are super friendly and kind. Admission is reasonable - they even give a discount if the sea lions aren't in the cave. You also have a chance to see gray whales. My favorite attraction along the Oregon Coast since I was five years old.

Visited October 2013


”Sea Lion Caves“ Dorit O.

Reviewed October 16, 2013 NEW

Unique and interesting. It is a fun place to go and to take visitors! During stormy weather it is especially good because the cave is full of sea lions then. Sometimes in the summer they are all out in the ocean playing and while that is still interesting it is not quite as exciting.

Visited January 2013


“A MUST see if you are in the area” Beverly P.

Reviewed October 5, 2013

Fabulous views! A hike down to the elevator which takes you to the caves. If you are offended by strong odors, you should take vapor rub to put under your nose! Amazing. Not allowed to take flash photos so plan ahead on your camera settings! zoom is good, too. Well worth the fee and a rare opportunity. 
Plan on staying a while as there are birds, the ocean, the views and a great gift shop to explore. This is something you will regret driving by!

Visited June 2013


“the sea lion caves” TexasSarge

Reviewed August 2, 2013

The cave is beautiful and educational. Sea lions on the rocks inside and outside the cave. A well spent 2 hours, then on to the lighthouse. Take your camera, you will want pictures.


“a well done attraction”

Reviewed August 1, 2013

The cave is well organized and maintained so it is a good attraction for all. When we visited there were sea lions in the cave but we really could not detect an odor, so we were there at the right time. The staff was informative and pleasant, and the views were great.



Reviewed July 24, 2013

Being able to view so many Sea Lions in their natural habitat will take your breath away. it is a once in a lifetime experience and not to be missed!

Visited July 2013


“So interesting, worth the stop” Peter T.

Reviewed July 16, 2013

Key to this attraction is to take the elevator ride first, head over to the information person and they explain everything. You will know more about sea lions, how they mark their territory, mating habits, female aggression, bachelors, etc. You then look at sea lions and better understand why they are on the rocks/beach the way they are.


“Most spectacular sight of Oregon, all around the west coast! Beautiful sights to ease your eyes”

Reviewed July 23, 2013

To actually see wild sea lions in their natural habitat swimming in the beautiful coast if Florence, Oregon was heart warming. My eyes saw such beauty i needed to share it With someone special That had as much appreciation for wild life as i do.


“Awesome trip!”

Reviewed July 16, 2013

We weren't sure what to expect, but what we did see was awesome! Seeing the sea lions in their natural habitat was so amazing. Not just in the cave, but outside at the lookout. It was like seeing a live TV documentary. Totally worth the $$$


“As wonderful as I remember” Sarah O.

Reviewed July 15, 2013

I'd been to Sea Lion Caves in 1977 with my parents and siblings. I took my husband and 2 children in 2013. The kids say "great" and "it was fun". We took the elevator down to the caves and really enjoyed watching and hearing the sea lions. We also went to the outside viewing area. The young woman there was GREAT. She was very knowledgeable and a joy to visit with. The gift shop had fun stuff that I didn't feel was overpriced. All the gift shop personnel were very friendly.



Reviewed July 14, 2013

An incredible experience seeing sea lions in their natural environment. The world's largest sea cave. Stinky but what do you expect? Well worth the stop.

Visited July 2013



Reviewed July 12, 2013

Originally I wasn't sure I wanted to go here. It was privately owned, and I was comparing it to those crazy places you see outside of Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, the Smokies. Boy was I wrong.

This is an incredible place. Just the Cave itself is worth seeing. The addition of dozens of sea lions, both in the cave and on the rocks outside, and then the great views including the lighthouse, make this a must see spot.

Visited July 2013


“Sea lions galore!”

Reviewed July 5, 2013

The sea lion caves have both inside and outside viewing areas, and I was lucky enough to visit on a sunny and mild day, so could see the sea lions both outside by the lovely blue Pacific, and inside the cave. The gift shop has a nice selection of varied gifts, and the viewing area is quite nice. A very fun visit


“A lot of seals!” Gene C.

Reviewed May 16, 2013

Over the years I have been there a great many times. I take all our visitors there and they are always enjoy. Inside down it the cave or looking at things outside, it is always very nice.

Visited August 2012


“Great Experience” John E.

Reviewed May 14, 2013

Great way to visit nature like you never seen. 
it does smell in the caves, but you will get used to it.
Visited April 2013


“A must see when in the Florence area” Janet C.

Reviewed May 8, 2013

Growing up within 100 miles of this place, I remember it from my child hood, and all the changes it has gone through during that time. But one thing that seems to never change.... the sea lions.... from the cliffs of the road, looking down at them sunning themselves on the rocks, or traveling down the elevator and having a first hand glimpse of their home.

Visited May 2013


“Really wonderful!”

Reviewed May 7, 2013

Take the kids and go to this - you will not be disappointed. The people that run this place are so friendly and helpful. The cave is amazing and informative (a bit stinky - but what I expected) and such a gem.

Visited August 2012


“Definitely Worth the Stop”

Reviewed May 4, 2013

We visited on a beautiful day in early May. We had a great view from the outside observation area of hundreds sea lions on the rocks and in the water below. We took the elevator down to the cave. The cave itself is pretty cool. Unfortunately, it's getting close to mating season so there were only 3 sea lions in the cave. This was all explained to us by a very knowledgeable woman working there who told us all about the place. I'd like to see it some time during the winter when the cave is full of sea lions. That would be something. But it was still very worth seeing.

Visited May 2013


“Great experience” Cheryl M.

Reviewed April 14, 2013

Passed this several times while in Florence but decided to stop and take the elevator down the 200 feet to see the sea lions. Quite a site and smell but well worth the time and price.

Visited April 2013


“An Amazing Experience!”

Reviewed April 11, 2013

We just returned from our trip to the coast of Oregon and were fortunate that the sea lions were there and hadn't migrated as of yet. The staff there were knowledgeable, friendly and informative. There were around 250 sea lions in the caves and we saw many swimming around in the area as well. 

The cave echoed their hallowing moans along with the sea waves to create a hauntingly beautiful song. It was simply amazing to be able to observe nature from this angle and we would recommend it to anyone in the area during the season they are there. The smell is not pleasant, but it is nature so it is to be expected. We were about to observe the light house as well from the cave's vantage point and a sweet little waterfall by the area where you see the light house.

We are definitely land locked as we are from the mid-west and this was simply beautiful and a worthwhile experience for us.

Thank you to the family that runs this for opening this up to the public and sharing this with all. Definitely recommended during the season.

Visited April 2013


“500 Sea Lions”

Reviewed April 3, 2013

Very cool stop on our trip down the coast! Staff were amazingly nice and it is very easy to get to. You go 200 ft down in a elevator and get to hang out in the cave watching the sea lions through a screen. Kids will love it too.

Visited March 2013


“A must see”

Reviewed April 2, 2013

Always a good stop, a lot to see. I liked it more when they gave guided tours, but since I had been there worked out.

Visited April 2013


“Fun Place”

Reviewed March 28, 2013

It was great going down into the cave at sea level and watching the seal lions in their natural habitat. Well worth the elevator trip down!


“Must see to believe”

Reviewed March 19, 2013

An amazing site. To think that a sea captain sailed up into this cave over 100 years ago is hard to believe. Very up close and interesting views of the sea lions.

Visited March 2013


“Calling All Sea Lion Lovers”

Reviewed March 12, 2013

So on our drive S on US 101, we saw numerous signs advertising the Sea Lion Caves. Having a 6 year old and 4 year old who were itching for adventure and ready to get out of the car, we pulled over and checked it out. A joint family owned business (3 families), they've done a great job keeping the place up to date, clean, and entertaining.

We paid the admissions, bought some fresh popped popcorn, ventured down the steps and then the elevator, and BOOM! -- there were 250 sea lions in all their gloriousness hanging out in the cave. The boys, wife, and I all had a blast watching and listening to them make all their noises while taking in the sights of the waves crashing hard into the rocks and groups of big and little sea lions.

Aside from the cave, there are two separate viewing areas worth checking out. One is of a lighthouse off in the distance and the other is of an area where sea lions tend to give birth and lay around with the offspring.

All said and done, this attraction is good for about one-hour worth of break from the long drives and should help keep the kids entertained while also allowing for some great photo opportunities. If you have the time, its worth pulling over and checking things out. You'll get to see a great family owned business while also taking in a very neat sea cave filled with a bunch of noisy but cute sea lions.

Visited March 2013


“Still Love It”

Reviewed February 11, 2013

Visited the first time in 1955 when I was wee laddie out of Reno, NV. We moved up here and had to revisit. Got an elevator now - still smells like a sea lion cave. Love it. A great Hwy 101 place to visit.


“thats a lot of seals!!”

Reviewed February 10, 2013

Loved the sea lion caves..
we were there in March, and there was a ton of seals in the cave,
A must for everyone going down the Oregon coast.. Loved it and would go again..

Visited March 2012


Sea Lion Caves
91560 Hwy. 101 N.
Florence, OR 97439

PHONE: 541-547-3111
FAX: 541-547-3545

What Are The Hours?

We are open 9 am to 4:00 pm. Normally, we are open 363 days a year only closed Christmas and Thanksgiving Day, weather permitting.

What is the cost of admission?

Adults: $16.00 each
Seniors: $15.00 each
Children* Ages 5 to 12: $10.00 each
Children* Ages 4 and younger: FREE
Parking: FREE!
*Children must be accompanied by an adult.

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