We love reading what people are saying about their experience at Sea Lion Caves and we’re proud to share some of the reviews we’ve received. Thanks so much!

Enjoyable visit for the day

Nice cool breeze, gift shop, small hike to the view spot on left or back to right small hike with elevator ride down the actual cave. Enjoyable visit for the day. The sea lions were talkative today and if you have ever heard a 2 stroke engine that is the sounds they were making today!

Sami T.

Loved it

This has been built well for guests and also not disturb the Sea Lions. Loved it. A short hike, an elevator ride and just a few steps to see the largest Sea Cave, Sea Lions and Seals!
A few small flights of stairs to see the Cave opening to the north, with the Cape Blanco lighthouse pictured in the center of in the distance.
Beautiful views…!

Lawrence L.

Fantastic Experience

Fantastic experience. There was over 140 sea lions in the cave when I was there. (I went in March around 9 am.) staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. A great place for all ages. A majestic sight to see! Well worth the price! An absolute must see if you’re in the area!

Amanda B.

For the entire family

Great gift shop with some very good fudge. Bathroom facilities outside were very clean! Extremely educational and a great experience for the entire family. We took a stroller and the 37 steps that were necessary to take were not bad at all to pack the stroller down and back up! They suggest taking a jacket, shoes, and binoculars, all are wise to bring as suggested.

J. Weinel


Our first time driving up the Oregon coast. Very fun experience at the Sea Lions Caves!! It’s a bit of a steep walk but it’s worth it. They also have a good size gift shop and they have popcorn 🍿 as well. Parking is free!

Freddie C.

Exceeded Our Expectations

This place was amazing. It was fascinating to see sea lions in their natural habitat. Put this on your must-see list, especially if you have young children. We saw hundreds of sea lions!


Really enjoyed it

Really awesome place to stop. Great viewing setup really enjoyed it

I. Daily

An Incredible Experience

Such an incredible experience that I would recommend to absolutely anyone and everyone! It’s best to go in the late fall or winter because then all the sea lions will be huddled up in the caves, but if you go in the summer, you can still see tons of them basking in the sun along the cliffs!!

Melody B.

Show the kids something cool

Great place to stop and show the kids something cool. Fun to go down the elevator and see all the sea lions.

C. Evans

So Glad I Stopped

This place is def worth the stop! You get amazing one of a kind views of the ocean here. Nice seal lion exhibits. So glad I stopped.

Jenny T.

Another Check Off The Bucket List

Stopped in during our road trip through Oregon in May. How anyone could not find this place spectacular is beyond me. This is not a zoo, or sea world, or someplace where they penned up some animals for people to gawk at. This place is the real deal. The sea lions are just doing their thing and basically the spectators are blessed with a view point that let’s you observe without interfering with their natural habitat. It is incredible, do not hesitate to visit it’s worth your time. Highly recommend.

Taco Bob

Can’t wait to come back

A truly incredible experience and example of responsible wildlife tourism.
We’ve been to the Sea Lion Caves twice – once in June and once in February. They are very different experiences. In the winter months, the sea lions are in the cave and it’s absolutely magical. There were nearly 200 sea lions in the caves this week and for the most part we were the only ones in the viewing area. We watched them in awe for nearly an hour. In the summer months, the sea lions sun on the rocks outside of the cave and it’s fun to watch them play in the water while trying to spot whales in the distance. We didn’t see whales during either visit, but I’m pretty sure that’s just a great excuse to come back again.

Cassie L.

Super Fun

Super fun place to visit! You can see the sea lions both inside the cave and outside, plus a cute gift shop.

A. Lockett

Awesome place!

Awesome place! You start by walking through the gift shop and then head out back for some awesome views. You’ll find the elevators and the bad smells at the same time lol. The bad smells are worth it though because seeing 200+ seals, basically rocking out in this massive sea cave with all the barking and sounds they make. It’s more than worth it. We even saw a pair of pigeon guillemot!


So happy I went!

Nice place! I went to see the sea lions ut ended up getting to see more wildlife then I thought possible. So happy I went!

S. Miller

Always a great experience.

Always a great experience. well kept and maintained. A great way to see the sea lions. A little smelly as always but to be expected.

B. Pearson (World Traveler)

Very cool experience.

Very cool experience. There’s an elevator that takes you down into the caves. You can see and hear the sea lions from the cave below and from a cliff above.

C. Graylee

Must do

Amazing experience that you must do if you are in the area as a part of your Oregon coast scenic highway. Seeing all those sea lions in the cave or outside when we finish the cave. Parking is okay (main parking and additional parking just across the highway). You can see the far lighthouse from inside the cave. You can eat popcorn or buy gifts from their gift shop.

H. Makhlouf


What a crazy experience, I am really glad we went. There was 90 sea lions in the cave and so much activity! Definitely something to experience.

S. Stevens

Pleasantly surprised

This was a great stop located right off of 101. Honestly had lower expectations and was pleasantly surprised. It was an intriguing set up and they kept it dark for the seals. It felt like they really care about not disturbing these animals and had some great look out points.

E. Winter

Super Friendly

The staff was super friendly and informative, prices were beyond reasonable and the experience was far beyond expectations. There were so many sea lions and seals and viewing them was effortless.

K. Glover


Amazing!!! Loved seeing all the Sea Lions in their natural habitat and living their best life!

Laura T.

Very cool experience

Very cool experience to see all the sea lions barking at each other and fighting for the best spot on the rock.

M. Griswold

Fun and educational

Pure fun and educational. At first, we thought this was going to be a typical, hokey kind of tourist trap. Wow, were we surprised. This is a gem and a wonderful experience for the whole family. It is a natural sea cave absolutely loaded with barking, growling and frolicking sea lions. As an added bonus, the grounds around the sea caves afford great ocean views with many more sea lions along the rocky cliffs and shores. There is a nice gift shop. Due to COVID, no food is served but they did have popcorn for sale. Highly recommend stopping and enjoying this natural wonder.

Darryl L.


The entire experience at the Sea Lions cave was excellent. It was interesting that they have an elevator built into the mountainous cliffs where the sea lions reside. Inside the cave is very unique and probably a once in a lifetime event. There is a huge cave with a great number of sea lions. The sound from the crashing waves and the sea lions is awesome. You can also go outside and see the sea lions in the surf or sunning on the rocks along with a great number of birds. This is billed to be the largest sea lion cave in the US.

Sea Lion Caves