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Elementary & Middle School Curricula

Make the most of an outstanding opportunity.
If you are planning a field trip for an Elementary or Middle School class, we have lesson plans designed to give students and educators a wealth of background information prior to touring the Caves to appreciate and benefit from this unique natural resource. Give your Students an Unforgettable Experience!

Whether you are introducing students to Natural History, Biological Science, Geology, Environmental Science, or some inspiring combination of all of the above, Sea Lion Caves provides extensive core material for a variety of educational goals.

Download the Sea Lion Caves School Curricula

Help Parents and Students Get a Preview of What They’ll Be Experiencing!
The downloadable documents provided here give the professional educator or home-schooler much more than just few highlights, cave facts, and animal fun facts. They ensure a rich and real learning experience on a host of topics.

SLC Elementary Curriculum
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SLC Middle School Curriculum
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Download the Sea Lion Caves Brochure
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Learn about the Steller Sea Lions, the marvelous caves, and the Grey Whales that often swim close to Sea Lion Caves.

The Curriculum Includes

  • Field Trip Nuts and Bolts & Safely Tips
  • Significant Facts about Sea Lion Caves
  • Site History From Discovery to Present
  • The Sea Lions at Sea Lion Caves
  • Tips for Student Scientific Investigations
  • Geology-Related Student Activities
  • Animal-Related Student Activities
  • Plant-Related Student Activities
  • On-Site Tour Reminders and Worksheets
  • Bibliographical and On-Line References