Discover Sea Lion Caves celebrating 80 years
America's Largest Sea Cave, it's nothing short of wild!

Sea Lion Caves News

Sea Lion Caves News

Sea Lion Frenzy


The beginning of this year saw a record number of California sea lions inhabiting the Oregon coast centered around the Sea Lion Caves property. The exact reason for this phenomenon is still unclear. However, even though the number California sea lions has dwindled to a handful, we still have hundreds of the Northern Steller sea lions that inhabit this area year-round. We have been seeing 300 to 500 in the cave for the past 4 months. They will start moving outside to the rookery for breeding season around April. We will welcome the Californians back any time they may decide to visit us again!

A Cave of Wonder & Enchantment...

And, unsurprisingly, it is also a place that many of natures creatures call “home”...

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The caves are a wild place, and the animals that live there are “nothing short of wild” too...

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Sea Lion Caves residents

Florence, Oregon
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So many things to see and do in the area, historic lighthouses to visit, whales to watch...

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Florence, Oregon Interactive Map
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